Flying Lizards and Silly Kobolds (SESSION 3)

In Search of Magic Mushroom

After resting for a moment in Libby's mobile keep, the group ventured on to find the needed Iron Bloom Mushroom. The group followed the road north to a large, run down monastery missing most of its roof. The three inspected the out side of the court yard and the surrounding rubble. The north most eastern wall had completely caved thru so the group used this as there ingress point. 

Entering the damp dank temple the group was attacked by two Dark Mantles. At the start of the confrontation the small earth elemental leapt from Neri's bag.  The four dispatched the serpents with swift ease and continued their search for the fungus throughout the dilapidated temple.  The group carefully explored the temple realizing quickly the monastery was dedicated to the Dwarven god Torag. Going room to room Belitan made a few failed attempt at machismo. Neri and Libby discovered a kobold hiding under a cot in a very unused bed room. Upon being found the kolbold attempted to flee but instead ran head first into a wall knocking itself unconscious. With a rope acquired from Neri, Belitan was able to secure the kobold in a hog-tie satchel of sorts. Room to room the group collected trinkets and long forgotten purses. Locating a room with a bit of roof left for cover the group decided to make camp for the remainder of the night with the deadline for a cure firm in their mind. Belitan started a fire with a chest in the corner of the room for kindling and barricaded the door with some or the rotting furniture in the room.


cierra_mcmurtry roymc13

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