Hangovers to Heros (SESSION 5)

Into the Sewers

The group remained in Sanlow for three day. Belitan spent his time reading and spending his time with his new friend Guile and the frog he discovered had some kind of telepathic bond with. Neri spent the majority of her time with Libby exploring the town.  On the third morning Belitan woke in a cold sweat. He laid in bed recalling a horrible dream. He tremor at the recollection of Eridan coming to him and calling out, "Save Sophia." When the goods that were contracted were ready the group set out for Moonhaven. 

On the road to Moonhaven, Neri and Belitan were surprised to come upon a strange man in a colorful hat, that the recognized. The group managed a short dialog with the man, discovering his name, Amos 'zun. Alas tempers grew short and as with their previous encounter the man vanished in a blink.

The journey further to Moonhaven was uneventful. A weeks worth of camping, magic practice, hunting, and nightmares led the band to the gates of Moonhaven. The guards at the front gate of Moonhaven were on high alert, questioning all whom entered the city. Belitan attempted to stroll past but was stopped by a burly guard, "What is your business in Moonhaven?" 

Reaching into his coin purse he drew out a platinium and responded, "Shopping."

The guard returned, "What about them?" 

Looking back at the two women Belitan returned, "They are who I am shopping for." 

Clearly perturb the guard let them pass. In the city Neri released Rocky from the red velvet pouch and the group found an inn for the night and Belitan began drinking. No more than an hour later Belitan was assisted to his room by Libby and Neri where he was left to sleep off his drunken stupor. Libby went to her room and Neri went back to the dining room to find Rocky. while sitting in a back corner with Rocky, Neri over heard many men talking about a 1000 gold reward. The thought of such a reward definately sparked and interest in the young half elf.

Neri left the inn to gather more information about the reward. She wandered the city until she came to a man in an intersection standing by a posted declaration from the baron of Moonhaven. She spoke shortly with the man who explained the baron was offering a reward for the rescue of his daughter Sophia. Sophia had been kidnapped by the men believed to be members of a local thieves guild. Neri left the man and went to investigate the area to the east of the city where the men and girl were last seen. Neri and Rocky searched the area and found a scrap of fabric with part of an emblem matching the description of the guild seal descibed by the baron's man at the intersection. 

Neri and Rocky returned to the inn and rested. The next morning Neri explained to the rest of the group that the baron's young daughter was kidnapped by thieves and there is a hefty reward. They agreed and ventured to the east gate. Rocky quickly led the group to an entrance of the city's sewer. 

Neri discovered a series of traps in the dank corridor that led the group to three rogue archers. Seeing the archers in the corridor the frog that rested itself on Belitan shoulder for the last few weeks leapt from the shoulder and transformed into a green serpent monster.

The group spent a few minutes dispatching the thieve sentries and examined the green monster that went out of his way to smash the archers one by one.


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