From Hell to Inferno (SESSION 6)

Burning Revenge

After dispatching the archers, Belitan drank a potion while Neri, Libby and Rocky went about searching for a way thru to the guild hall. Toward the back of the chamber a life like statue of a dwarf stood guard. Rocky nonchalantly removed a torch from a sconce next to the statue. With a click and some grinding the wall to the far end of the room shifted revealing a portcullis. Behind the portcullis a medusa stood with a vicious grin.

Well aware of the danger before him Belitan fled for cover while Libby approached the creature for conversation after being reprimanded, for attempting to open the cage, by Neri. The dialog seemed to ire Petra the medusa further. Libby and Neri were able to learn three children had been kidnapped by Anarchy, whom was also responsible for usurping Petra as leader of the guild. Belitan noticed from his hiding spot Rocky's demeanor change slightly. His curiosity got the better of him and he approached Rocky, which put him far closer to the portcullis than her liked. 

Rocky looked up at Belitan and gesture a sort of wink that closer resembled erosion. Belitan took the hint and flung the earth elemental thru the cage hitting the medusa squarely and with enough force to knock unconscious both her and her serpent hair. Rocky feeling satisfied with himself stood over the creatures head and dropped his gravel across her nose, the preceded to pilfer anything of worth from the cell. 

Rocky hand off his loot to the rest of the party, looked around, grinned of sort and placed a lit torch back into the previous sconce. A quick pause later a passage opened behind the petrified dwarf.

The troupe followed the hidden path to a set of crafted doors. Trepidatiously they entered thru the portal to discover a large dining room being cleaned by a pair of unhappy kobolds.  The kobolds unwittingly directed the group to their quarry and the one known as Anarchy. Hastily Belitan led the way down a hall with little thought of self-preservation while the rest of the group followed cautiously behind checking doors off the path as they went. Neri was able to discern voices from two of the three rooms as she passed to the door Belitan stood before. 

With the sound of scrubbing on the other side Neri disarmed and removed a trap from the door before entering. Belitan, Rocky and Trevor stood guard in the hall while Neri and Libby entered the extravagant room with floor to ceiling tapestries depicting halflings thru a very precise history. Unable to decipher the story behind the tapestries the ladies attention turn to the small book vigorously scrubbing the floor in front of a magnificent desk. The kobolds mentioned a slave boy named Boran, who now knelt in front of the pair beaten and bruised. Libby noticing the marks left after the bite of a vampire immediately.

Boran relayed to the two women tales of horrific torture. Belitan listened from the hall as the boy expressed sadness at the death of one of the kidnapped children. Boran set the band back on task when he expressed concern that the little girls time was short and she was to remain in Anarchy's private quarters. 

With Neri and Libby lead the charge the group followed Boran's directions thru the hall to a throne room of sorts. Neri entered the a large room with a pale half ling with larger tha normal canines sat upon a dais smirking with vampire spawn to the left and right of his throne. Neri began the attack, as the spawn stepped forward she loosed a bolt from her crossbow. Libby and Belitan launched a barage of focused arcane force at the monsters stepping forward as the vampire disappeared on his throne. Libby created a divine beetle to smite the undead. Trevor charged forward to attack the evil creatures. Rocky stepped forward and launched bomb after bomb at the spawns till they were no more. Anarchy reappeared on the throne leading to Trevor charging him there. Neri loosed a flaming bolt at the vampire with bombs exploding around him. 

The halflings for shimmered into a vapor. In a panic Belitan charged the throne rubbing his hands across his new armor, the scales began to faintly glow red. Belitan stared into the cloud at a loss, Suddenly Belitan sneezed forth a flaming ball of mucus slamming thru the vaporous cloud reverting it back to a smoldering heap of vampire.

With the monsters dispatched Neri and Libby went in search of the little girl while Belitan collected what was left of Anarchy's valuables. In a moment of ingenuity Libby pulled forth her strange whirling wand and before her appeared a hidden door. Inside a very refined, well decorated bedroom sat a child sized coffin. Rocky and Belitan looted as the women examine the coffin. Neri found it to be trapped and a bad omen both so they moved on to another locked door that Neri picked with ease.  Neri and Libby entered to find a cold, dimly lit cell with rags covering the floor and a damaged pallet in the corner. Taking in the room Neri noticed  movement in one of the pile and discovered a bruised but still alive and still human Sophia. 

Sophia was struck with fear when the two women entered but within minutes Libby was able to put the child a ease and they hugged each other close while egressing the series of rooms back to the hall and back to Boran.

Returning to Boran Belitan and Libby took the time to prove to the boy Anarchy was dead and they were there to rescue him. With the boy accepting the plea of the adults Belitan rose from the boy with a grim resolve across his face. Belitan turned to his company, tell them he needed a few moments to take care of something. Without awaiting a response Belitan ran from the room and back to the bedroom with the child's coffin. With a final sad survey of the gilded box he focus his energy to heat and set ablaze anything he thought would burn.

Belitan returned to the room they found Boran and contiued the blaze lighting the desk and tapesties. He turn and headed down the hall for the door to the mess hall. He stopped to watch Neri pull a knife from her belt and jam it into the doorjamb of one of the room they had heard voices from earlier. Quiclky she stepped across the hall and used the trap she acquired on the remaining door. Belitan wait till the rest of his party was safely back in the sewers when here shouted from the door to the kobolds this would be an advantageous time to find new employment. With that all the tables in the mess hall burst into flames. 

The party met back up at the top of the embankment and it was decided that Boran and the two kobolds would return to Libby's mobile keep while Neri, Rocky, Trevor and Belitan would return Sophia to her father.

The guards at the east gat of Moonhaven sent runner at the first sight of Sophia. With armed escort the remaining group was paraded thru the streets to Baron Jacobs' manor where the man himself met them with tears in his eyes for his daughter. The baron opened his home to the adventures and invited them to a feast in their honor


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