On the Road Again (SESSION 2)

It's Bigger on the Inside

     While resting for the night Belitan was roused from a stupor by an odd sound from nearby bushes. Fearfully he woke Neri to investigate the sound. Upon waking Neri and Belitan were set on by a mischief of giant rats. Neri's arrows flew true and Belitan's arcane energy flashed thru the grove slaying the rats. The two adventurers returned to their rest in preparation for the day ahead.


     At the next dawn Neri and Belitan made it back to the road and discovered an odd woman and a horseless carriage at a crossroad. After a short conversation Neri invited the women to join them. The woman introduced herself as the Librarian. Neri and the Librarian decided to investigate a small cottage to the north of the road. 

     Begrudgingly Belitan followed suit and entered the cottage only to see the two women in a single wide room with a well in the center. upon deeper exploration the three found a hidden door to a room filled with alchemy ingredients, magic artifact, and gaming elements.  The three were greeted by a small earth elemental. Neri began searching thru the ingredients around the room. finding a few items of interest Neri removed a satchel from a shelf awakening a large enchanted cauldron in the center of the room. The boiling contents of the cauldron sloshed as the pot attacked. After a few failed attacks Belitan used his sickle to trip the pot dumping it contents and leaving it helpless. Quickly Belitan went from pot to rock and lifted the Elemental for a closer examination. The elemental flashed into an small red velvet bag. Upset at the loss of his potential rock pet Belitan kicked the bag across the floor and went on to explore the room. Neri and the Librarian went about looting the room, taking anything of value. Belitan came across a small frog, that he swore winked at him. Belitan lifted the frog to his shoulder, where it immediately fell asleep. Belitan left the room while the women separated the rest of the treasures between themselves. Neri grabbing the red velvet bag from the floor

The three left the cottage soon after and return to the Librarians carriage. Neri decided "Libby" was a far better title, and the group consented, so, the Librarian became Libby. While this re-christening was occurring, Belitan's attention was drawn to the carriage. Under the gaze of both women he fought with dagger and spell to force his way in to the carriage to no avail. Vocalizing his desire to enter Libby respond with a flick of the wrist and the carriage door was opened reveal to Belitan the inside of a keep. After assuring himself of this reality he reached out grab Neri dragging her inside with Libby following behind. Belitan ran from room to room, while Libby explained the carriage to Neri.



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