End of the Beginning (SESSION 4)

Spiders, Death, and Vengeance

     The party woke in the predawn hours gathered their gear and kobold and continued their search for mushrooms. Haphazardly they roamed room to room with their deadline pressing hard on their conscience. With few options left the three adventurers, one frog, and one small elemental came to what seemed to be the last room. There laid an empty room. No more passages and no more doors.

     Belitan saw little hope left with the minutes ticking by, he resigned himself to failure. With no warning Neri began stabbing a wall across from where Belitan and Libby stood. Suddenly the wall swept open revealing a darkened room filled with mushrooms. The group rushed into the room and started collecting. There lack of caution came crashing down on them from the ceiling when a giant man eating spider dropped down and attacked Neri.

     The elemental smashed the spider, while Belitan shot bolts of arcane energy and Neri loosed arrows at the spider. Unrelenting the spider repeatedly stuck out at Neri, unable to defend she fell back. Seeing the injuries Neri sustained, Belitan rushed ahead slashing with his arcane dragon claws. With a final smash from the earth elemental the spider reared back and fell dead. With the spider now dead, Neri and Belitan turn to see Libby collecting mushrooms seemingly unaware of the giant spider that only seconds ago was bearing down on them.

     Belitan approached the dead giant spider and started hacking in apart salvaging anything he deemed worthwhile. THe others collected mushrooms and all decided to trek back to Laurel as quick as possible. 

     Smoke was visible on the horizon as the group approached The Dryad and the Splinter. Coming closer to his home Belitan was horrified to see the heap of smoldering rubble. Rushing up to the remnants, Laurel laid against a broken railing sweating illness in the cool afternoon, Martha coughing and crying on what was left of the pubs front patio. Lastly Eridan laid unmoving under Martha's tears. 

     Martha explained to Belitan that three men from Moonhaven claiming to be on pilgrimage came into the pub. The men were disrespectful to Laurel and herself and Eridan tried to come to the rescue only to be stabbed in the back. Quickly the adventurers grouped together to get the gnomes back to Laruel's home. Libby and Neri helped Laurel down the road while the now named elemental Rocky assisted Martha and Belitan carried the limp lifeless body of Eridan.

     After only a few hours at her residence Laurel was able to complete the cure and begin administering it to the other citizens. Belitan, seeing the gnomes concoction was doing the trick, lifted Eridan's body up yet again, and over his shoulder told Laurel the plague had already spread to the lumber camp to the north. Laurel understood and told him she would be on her way soon. Belitan trek thru the woods to the village's cemetery and started digging. Libby and Neri followed in an unrelenting and hollowed silence. 

    Slowly evening turned to night and as the moon rose high into the night's sky Belitan finished packing the soil marking his friend's final resting place. Falling to his knees he reached into his robes and withdrew a small flask. He raised the flask, took a deep pull, and sprinkled the grave with the amber brandy while saying a prayer to Cayden Cailean.

     Belitan rose to his feet and turned his gaze to the two women, whom stood about twenty paces away, closer to the tree line. As if it were the first he noticed their presence, he approached with deliberate steps. His voice rose with a timber and emotion neither women heard from him before, "This is your fault. You wanted to be hero. If I were still here this would not have happened."

Defensively Neri try to respond professing her innocence but Belitan cut her off with, "Eridan deserves vengeance and you owe him this will you join me in this vengeance?"

Neri carefully responded, "The gnomes death was not my fault but I will join you in this."

Libby in quick succession, "I am coming too."

Belitan nodded and led the three back thru the trees to Laurel's house where they slept till the late morning.

The next afternoon the group gathered, Neri called Rocky back from the forest. They set off for a nearby hamlet on the way to Moonhaven. Only a few hours down the road Neri and Belitan came up on a familiar sight. An odd man in a colorful hat stood by an over turned cart. Belitan and Neri tried to converse with the man but with emotions high resentment leveled quickly and again the man vanished with out a trace. A day and a half later the road brought them to the town of Sanlow.

The party went about the town taking care of small transactions. Belitan took his time to meet with Bertin in his armory. A bit of haggling and the cost of some Tatzlwyrm hide, Belitan commissioned himself a light armor set from the dragon skin. He met up with the two women discussing the loot they've acquired. A few spells and a Neri stripping in an alley later the two had a good knowledge what they were holding. Belitan led the group to a nearby pub to buy a bottle of honey brandy, thanks to Neri the bottle was gifted to him.

Next stop was the apothecary. A little be rang as the group entered. A halfling behind the counter introduced himself as Guile. Looking about the shop Belitan asked the man about Potion of Cure Light Wounds. Guile flirtatiously bantered with Belitan haggling on and on. A banter that led to Belitan joining Guile in his back room while the ladies roamed the streets of Sanlow.


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