Neri Joysword

Half Drow Eldritch Scoundrel


Half-Elf (Drow-Descended)


5’ 9"

175 lbs.


Light orchid


Wavy long

Neri’s Elven mother was abandoned by her husband before Neri’s first birthday. Days after Neri’s 5th birthday her mother, knowing her time on this plane was short, ensured Neri’s future by enrolling the gifted young girl into the Arcanamirium in Absalom. The 5 year old half-elven girl easily qualified as an apprentice. Neri rose through the ranks and at 17 she was awarded the rank of Maven. The dark traits of her mother flourished heavily in Neri’s own visage as she grew. Over time her pale childhood ears elongated, her sweet eyes grew dark and her olive skin altered to the shade of purple orchids. The more her Drowish trait came to her forefront, fewer and fewer of the other students would even approach her. As a Maven she was trained heavily in martial and magical arts, specializing in archery, flirtation and talents of charm. The more she trained the stronger and more agile she became. As a Maven Neri received many of her lessons one on one with the esteemed arcanscenti. One such scholar was a youthful witch of whom took a keen interest in Neri’s studies. Neri had a natural talent for elemental spells at such an extent, the witch was inspired. As the years moved on, inspired became infatuated and infatuation grew into love. Neri’s affair with the witch spanned from young adult into early adulthood. The romance end abruptly one brisk fall evening whence the First Spell Lord stumbled across the two romping around in one of the university’s gardens. Neri was expelled on the spot and forced to leave the next day. Neri hoped endlessly for some word from her witchy lover but none came and she left the school after 18 years armed with her training weapons and all she learned over the better part of two decades. Neri wandered about the towns and cities neighboring the Arcanamirium taking odd jobs to eke by which became far more lucrative when the right people noticed some of Neri’s more lethal skill sets. After just a few simple “assignment” she was able to purchase small homes in the areas around the Arcanamirium. Still Neri’s heart aches but less for lost love and more for betrayal.

Neri Joysword

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