A New Wand and Mean Lizards (SESSION 10)
I love this house

Belitan Spent the night drinking and telling stories with Ollot, all the while stealthily searching thru the amazingly comfortable house. Neri slept in the beautiful pasture under a majestic otherworldly tree. Rocky sped around the meadow collecting herbs and flowers from around the known world, til he past out from exhaustion face down in a flower bed.

The next morning Belitan was pleasantly awoken by the smell of a home cooked breakfast. He collected a plate and ventured out to the pasture while Ollot slept on the floor, appearing to still be under the effects of the previous nights imbibing. Belitan found Neri drinking a cup of coffee while a Fairy chattered with the fairy equivalent of ire. Neri offer a bit of coffee to the fairy of which was accepted and after a sip the fairy froze in place. The pair woke Rocky and returned to the hut.

When the trio entered the hut Belitan was surprised to see Ollot lounging in a large arm chair smoking an elaborate pipe.

While eating her own breakfast Neri fired question after query at Ollot. Ollot happily filled the group in on the local terrain and gave them a lead to the poisoner. Belitan discovered an interesting magic while half listening to Ollot and childishly tampered with the magic of the hut.

Ollot wished the trio luck and riches as they prepared to venture back into the Spindlewood.  Much like an after thought Ollot handed Belitan a small wooden box as a gift. Belitan thanked the brownie a was off back up the steps and thru the wood.

After a half day of travel the tree stumble upon a tower in a small clearing in the wood. then in a moment of failed luck they were stumbled upon by a group of aggressive lizard men and battle ensued. The group was able to overcome the hissing horde with only Belitan walking away bleeding.

Tower of Terror (Session 9)
New Friends, Ugly Enemies, Old Gods

After resting a moment Neri and Bellitan approached the doors of the tower. With her ear pressed against the heavy oaken door, Neri was able to hear voices inside. Not wasting a precious second, Neri pushed thru the doorway, sprung off the nearby wall and came down slashing with her sickles missing the source of the sounds completely sinking the sharp edge of the blade into her thigh. 

Bellitan and Rocky followed Neri through the door to find a female in white robes with a wild look in her eyes and an overtly muscled, shirtless gnome carrying and large great axe.  Bellitan and the gnome exchanged a few pleasantries and the women explained she had been sent to this tower by the gods and the gnome was her hired protection.

With out warning a door behind the gnome swung up reveal a rotting corpse staggering toward the group. The gnome wasted no time swinging his axe rending the zombie in twain and lunging into the room hacking away several skeletons and ghouls stopping only once to catch his breath. In the span of that breath the women in white sprung to the last of the undead fiends, swinging down her scythe, separating the zombies head from it shoulder.

Neri and Rocky looked on in amazement at the gnomes display. Bellitan, however, spent a few moments retching from the corpses' smell. After gaining control of his belly Bellitan found a neutral corner, sat on the floor and drank from his flask.

With the undead dispatched the women and the gnome returned to the antechamber. The gnome spotted the flak in Belitan's hand and decided a drink would be nice, so he snatched the vessel from Bellitan and emptied it into his own gullet. 

The group with their new addition went to searching about for some cue of their next step. Going room to room the adventures found little of any merit. THe women in white and the gnome came to the last unopened door on the first floor. Carefully the listen thru the door hearing whispers and they slowly opened the door only the find a snarling Half Orc standing over a panic stricken half elf woman. 

Bellitan approached the door with his leather armor glowing under his robes and with a sudden release of energy the half orc's body drew into itself sending a cascading shower of bone, viscera, and blood coating the walls of the room and it's occupants. The half elf women pass out straight away. Bellitan Sent the better part of an hour magically cleaning the room and the half elf while Neri attempted to question the girl. 

The half elf was able to impart to the group that a hag was responsible for the dead creatures in the forest and she was to be found on the upper floors of the tower. With new information the party took the the next floor. 

The gnome leading the way was struck and knocked back almost immediately when he ventured to the second floor. A large earth elemental took to attacking the party but was no match for the hearty gnome and small elemental before it. The elemental was removed from the plain with haste, and the gnome and Rocky went searching around the second floor while the women in white and Neri ventured up to the next level.

The gnome crept room to room around the second tier only to discover yet another earth elemental, which he was able to defeat single handedly. For his trouble, the gnome decided to treat himself to the intricate tapestries hung in the room he found the elemental in. 

Meanwhile Neri and the women in white, whom finally introduces herself as Ayin, Find themselves in a marvelously ornate room with a glowing chandiler and walls carved in an epic mosaic. The two become enraptured by the glowing chandlier and with out warning are attacked by a ruthless harpy. The harpy manages to slash out out Neri twice before Neri or Ayin have the presence of mind to fight back. Ayin swung out at the harpy with her scythe while Neri knocks an arrow and fired.  Being struck the harpy began to sing a most enchanting song and Neri and Ayin found themselves helpless to the harpy.

Bellitan climbed the stair at the sound of the new song, due to curiosity and not the effects of the harp's magic and seeing the monster before him he fired away with his wand missing wide. Again the harpy attacks and with anger outweighing his fear Bellitan lounged at the harpy spewing green flames. The harpy, no longer liking her odds attempts to flee only to find herself in the arms of a small earth elemental. Rocky slammed the harpy into the floor where she remain until Bellitan and the gnome ripped her wings from the rest of her body for good measure. 

After  a few moments of respite the group moved on to the room behind the most detailed of the stone doors in the chamber. Neri falling to her inquisitive nature looked behind a lesser carved door, that lead to a humble wooden door behind which laid a corpse and a battered human women. 

Neri drew from the women she was a slave to the Hag mistress of the tower and her name was Allyana.

The other found themselves in another rather ornate room this time with an altar in the center, and a broken doorway in one wall that looks like it just doest belong. The gnome waste no time chaging for the door to me met with the cruel voice cackling his demise. Standing behind the gnome with that glow of his armor even brighter a magic thread appears at the hags mouth sewing it's way lip to lip sealing the hags mouth. Ayin rushed past the gnome pressing her hand on the hag send a rush of negitive energy into the hag. The gnome then rushed forward swinging his axe wildly holding the hag in place. Taking to the gnome general idea Bellitan waved his hands in the air and a weave of spiders thread encased the had binding her tho the room. A Neri returned to the room seeing the hag she fire an arrow striking the hag just above the hart. Ayin followed up with yet another strike from her scythe. With a smirk Bellitan snapped his finger setting the webbing and the hag ablaze. 

Free from her binds the burnt and bloodied hag reached up cutting the magical thread and just as she was about to speak she keeled over dead…

"These woods are lovely, dark and deep..." (Session 8)
Mortar,Pestle, Chicken

Belitan and Neri strolled to the exit of the baron's meeting Rocky at the door and together the made their way to the Spindlewood, leaving the concussed druid in the care of the baron. Not long after entering the tree line the company came up on the liquid remains of a blink dog. The stench of rot brought Belitan to fits of retching. Neri examined the remains and the circle of decay emanating from the corpse. Neri watched as the corpse melted away before her eyes. Much to Belitan's disappointment the group ventured further into the woods passing upon more melting corpses and ever more thickening webs. 

The trees grew thicker and the trails narrowed as the three adventurers cut thier way the brush and thickening spun webs. Belitan voiced his distaste for spiders just before being attacked by three ettercaps. The bulbous, drooling monsters crept slowly toward the group. The man-spider's stealthy advance failed with Belitan launching bolts of arcane energy and Neri loosing arrows into the heinous creatures. Two of the three ettercaps fell to the onslaught and the last fell fleeing when Rocky lobbed a grenade at the beasts feet. 

Belitan noticed a trail leading away while he collected the ettercap's venom to compare it to the remnant of the blink dog that set them on this trail Away they traveled back to the start of there path only to discover the poisons were no where close to a match. Upset with the waste of time Neri focused on the corpse and began to glow a black, purple aura and at once understood the lethal concoction decimating the magical inhabitance of the Spindlewood was none other than Shadow Poison. She explained the poison was part magic, part organic and wholly forbidden. A unanimous treatise of all the nation made the production or use of the poison universally illegal. Neri summoned her mage hand and took samples to see how corrupted the environment had become.

After camping for the night the group venture even deeper into the wood. Hours into the forest an usual yelp rung out thru the trees. Belitan pointed away from the sound while Rocky and Neri trudged toward. The group found a worg meandering, confused and a black purple ooze trickling from multiple wounds. Belitan loosed his faithful arcane missile. The worg began charging and Rocky stood fast holding the beast back. 

With Rocky controlling the beast Neri found herself with a broken bow string and Belitan charge with a rare jolt of fearlessness and fierceness. Rocky slammed the beast repeatedly and Belitan swung his axe with fervor and the beast fell swiftly. Neri examined the felled worg and discovered a four inch slice at the hindquarter made by a blade.

While Neri examined the beastial wolf Belitan picked up on his tracks and the band followed back his tracks only to discover a stunning unicorn streaked with crimson and purple ooze. Belitan ran to the unicorn to aid the dying creature to no avail. Neri and Belitan spoke with the fading unicorn finding discover his name and he was mere yards from his hidden home. Belitan offer to carry him to his home but Phil responded with a riddle to open the portal to his magical plane. Neri and Belitan fail to answer but with ney a thought Rocky spoke the correct word and a large oak mere yards away opened revealing a spiraling stair.

 Phil told the trio if he entered now the poison coursing thru him would corrupt the whole of his home so he was to die where he laid. Rocky reading the sadness one Neri and Belitan told the to keep the unicorn alive and he would be back. Rocky stomped off into the forest with no further explanation.

Neri fell to Phil's side and slowly feed him a thick healing elixir from her hip pouch. The half-elf, the unicorn and the human sat in the otherwise tranquil forest absorbed in the truth of mortality. Suddenly the ground began to rumble, every few seconds more so. Belitan and Neri rose from their vigil over Phil in time to see a familiar hut atop two gigantic chicken legs appear above the tree line. In an act of expected cowardice Belitan dove for the portal thru the oak tree. Neri stood frozen in place in shock at what stood before her.

The hut walked thru the forest sundering trees in its path till reaching Phil. The hut loomed over the dying unicorn for a moment. Quickly the hut sped to the ground touch as gently as hen to her egg. Without warn the door swung open and out walk a ragged witch directly to phil. The witch reach here hand out to the unicorn and at once the unicorn disappeared. The witch walk back to her hut the unceremoniously rose back to the sky. Rocky came lumber out of the trees in time to wave as the hut walked back from where it had came.

Neri stood mouth agape as the hut strolled away. Then her attention shift to the earth elemental across from her. She hurled question and accusation at Rocky till her explained that he had contacted his master Baba Yaga to save the unicorn. Neri yelled and shouted trying to understand what just happened when she realized Belitan was no longer insight.

After the passing of the hut on chicken leg Belitan fear turn to curiosity at the stairwell he had chose to hide in. He shouted down only to hear his shout return. He began to drop odds and ends to see how long it would take to hit the bottom. Of course he would need to collect his objects at the bottom so he began down the stairwell. Neri reached the portal as Belitan disappeared out of sight yet again.

The three emerged at the bottom of the stair, onto a vast plain of cascading hills cover with wild flowers and a sky dressed in beautiful dusk twilight. Pixies skittered from flower to flower and the breeze carried the scent of honeysuckle and lavender. Belitan shouted salutations to the flittering pixies as he strolled to a lone cabin not far from them.

Neri chose to converse with on of the pixies, that introduced herself a Broomhilda, finding out that the hut they are approaching belongs to Ollot the brownie whom is a drunk and a philanderer. Belitan knocks on the door to no response till he shouts his possession of brandy then he is invited in. Neri chose to camp outside, while Rocky collects herbs

A Simple Escort (SESSION 7)
Screaming Bottles and Kidnapping

After days of travel, a horrific dive into a den a of evil, and the destruction of a fledgling vampire the group cleaned up and joined the the Baron for a grand banquet. The Baron explained to those in attendance that the thieves guild had been completely destroyed. The Baron's men dug thru the remains of the den finding corpses and a rather angry long dead wraith. The baron was thankful but warned this slight to the guild would be noticed by Tharases, the unofficial head of the guild. The party ate and drank their fill and quickly adjourned for the night. 

The next morning after separating the loot Belitan and Neri joined Sophie, the baron's newly rescued daughter, for breakfast. Sophie happily told the two her father was in a meeting talking about the screaming bottle. This peak the interest of the adventurers. In no time, Belitan and Neri  were roaming the baron's manor looking for the meeting and the "screaming bottle".

Belitan entered the baron's office, completely disrupting the proceedings, and went for the bottle emitting a screaming angry voice. The baron and his advisor were flabbergasted by Belitan's actions. The Baron wrested the bottle from Belitan and explained a demon was housed in the bottle and it wasn't for drinking or a plaything. Neri apologized for Belitan's behavior, offering their services for any future needs. The baron accepted Neri's offer, and sent the pair off to the Beholder's Monocle, to acquire information from a druid. Neri drug Belitan into town with a new mission.

Neri roved about town collecting traveling necessities on her way to the pub. The pair arrived at the pub to find a filthy druid priest raving about the lack of morality concerning the consumption of meat. Without hesitation Belitan sat at one of the pubs empty tables and ordered a large meat platter, garnering the druids immediate attention. Belitan ate happily with the druid verbal assault fueling his appetite, all the while the Neri gazed on in contempt at her current circumstances. After finishing his meal Belitan looked up to Neri with a grin she hadn't seen previous. He turned to the the red faced, shouting druid and stomped his foot releasing an arcane charge across the floor knocking the druid back 15 feet into the wall and unconscious. 

Belitan jumped up, lifted the druid across a shoulder, and took off back toward the baron's manor. Neri spent the return trip reprimanded Belitan for knocking out the informant.

The baron's ire with Belitan grew upon seeing the unconscious druid priest, and slightly more after seeing Belitan's and Neri's interrogation techniques. The druid told the baron and his questioners of a series of poisoned magical creatures in the forest nearby. 

With nay a word the two were off meeting Rocky at the exit of the manor.


From Hell to Inferno (SESSION 6)
Burning Revenge

After dispatching the archers, Belitan drank a potion while Neri, Libby and Rocky went about searching for a way thru to the guild hall. Toward the back of the chamber a life like statue of a dwarf stood guard. Rocky nonchalantly removed a torch from a sconce next to the statue. With a click and some grinding the wall to the far end of the room shifted revealing a portcullis. Behind the portcullis a medusa stood with a vicious grin.

Well aware of the danger before him Belitan fled for cover while Libby approached the creature for conversation after being reprimanded, for attempting to open the cage, by Neri. The dialog seemed to ire Petra the medusa further. Libby and Neri were able to learn three children had been kidnapped by Anarchy, whom was also responsible for usurping Petra as leader of the guild. Belitan noticed from his hiding spot Rocky's demeanor change slightly. His curiosity got the better of him and he approached Rocky, which put him far closer to the portcullis than her liked. 

Rocky looked up at Belitan and gesture a sort of wink that closer resembled erosion. Belitan took the hint and flung the earth elemental thru the cage hitting the medusa squarely and with enough force to knock unconscious both her and her serpent hair. Rocky feeling satisfied with himself stood over the creatures head and dropped his gravel across her nose, the preceded to pilfer anything of worth from the cell. 

Rocky hand off his loot to the rest of the party, looked around, grinned of sort and placed a lit torch back into the previous sconce. A quick pause later a passage opened behind the petrified dwarf.

The troupe followed the hidden path to a set of crafted doors. Trepidatiously they entered thru the portal to discover a large dining room being cleaned by a pair of unhappy kobolds.  The kobolds unwittingly directed the group to their quarry and the one known as Anarchy. Hastily Belitan led the way down a hall with little thought of self-preservation while the rest of the group followed cautiously behind checking doors off the path as they went. Neri was able to discern voices from two of the three rooms as she passed to the door Belitan stood before. 

With the sound of scrubbing on the other side Neri disarmed and removed a trap from the door before entering. Belitan, Rocky and Trevor stood guard in the hall while Neri and Libby entered the extravagant room with floor to ceiling tapestries depicting halflings thru a very precise history. Unable to decipher the story behind the tapestries the ladies attention turn to the small book vigorously scrubbing the floor in front of a magnificent desk. The kobolds mentioned a slave boy named Boran, who now knelt in front of the pair beaten and bruised. Libby noticing the marks left after the bite of a vampire immediately.

Boran relayed to the two women tales of horrific torture. Belitan listened from the hall as the boy expressed sadness at the death of one of the kidnapped children. Boran set the band back on task when he expressed concern that the little girls time was short and she was to remain in Anarchy's private quarters. 

With Neri and Libby lead the charge the group followed Boran's directions thru the hall to a throne room of sorts. Neri entered the a large room with a pale half ling with larger tha normal canines sat upon a dais smirking with vampire spawn to the left and right of his throne. Neri began the attack, as the spawn stepped forward she loosed a bolt from her crossbow. Libby and Belitan launched a barage of focused arcane force at the monsters stepping forward as the vampire disappeared on his throne. Libby created a divine beetle to smite the undead. Trevor charged forward to attack the evil creatures. Rocky stepped forward and launched bomb after bomb at the spawns till they were no more. Anarchy reappeared on the throne leading to Trevor charging him there. Neri loosed a flaming bolt at the vampire with bombs exploding around him. 

The halflings for shimmered into a vapor. In a panic Belitan charged the throne rubbing his hands across his new armor, the scales began to faintly glow red. Belitan stared into the cloud at a loss, Suddenly Belitan sneezed forth a flaming ball of mucus slamming thru the vaporous cloud reverting it back to a smoldering heap of vampire.

With the monsters dispatched Neri and Libby went in search of the little girl while Belitan collected what was left of Anarchy's valuables. In a moment of ingenuity Libby pulled forth her strange whirling wand and before her appeared a hidden door. Inside a very refined, well decorated bedroom sat a child sized coffin. Rocky and Belitan looted as the women examine the coffin. Neri found it to be trapped and a bad omen both so they moved on to another locked door that Neri picked with ease.  Neri and Libby entered to find a cold, dimly lit cell with rags covering the floor and a damaged pallet in the corner. Taking in the room Neri noticed  movement in one of the pile and discovered a bruised but still alive and still human Sophia. 

Sophia was struck with fear when the two women entered but within minutes Libby was able to put the child a ease and they hugged each other close while egressing the series of rooms back to the hall and back to Boran.

Returning to Boran Belitan and Libby took the time to prove to the boy Anarchy was dead and they were there to rescue him. With the boy accepting the plea of the adults Belitan rose from the boy with a grim resolve across his face. Belitan turned to his company, tell them he needed a few moments to take care of something. Without awaiting a response Belitan ran from the room and back to the bedroom with the child's coffin. With a final sad survey of the gilded box he focus his energy to heat and set ablaze anything he thought would burn.

Belitan returned to the room they found Boran and contiued the blaze lighting the desk and tapesties. He turn and headed down the hall for the door to the mess hall. He stopped to watch Neri pull a knife from her belt and jam it into the doorjamb of one of the room they had heard voices from earlier. Quiclky she stepped across the hall and used the trap she acquired on the remaining door. Belitan wait till the rest of his party was safely back in the sewers when here shouted from the door to the kobolds this would be an advantageous time to find new employment. With that all the tables in the mess hall burst into flames. 

The party met back up at the top of the embankment and it was decided that Boran and the two kobolds would return to Libby's mobile keep while Neri, Rocky, Trevor and Belitan would return Sophia to her father.

The guards at the east gat of Moonhaven sent runner at the first sight of Sophia. With armed escort the remaining group was paraded thru the streets to Baron Jacobs' manor where the man himself met them with tears in his eyes for his daughter. The baron opened his home to the adventures and invited them to a feast in their honor

Hangovers to Heros (SESSION 5)
Into the Sewers

The group remained in Sanlow for three day. Belitan spent his time reading and spending his time with his new friend Guile and the frog he discovered had some kind of telepathic bond with. Neri spent the majority of her time with Libby exploring the town.  On the third morning Belitan woke in a cold sweat. He laid in bed recalling a horrible dream. He tremor at the recollection of Eridan coming to him and calling out, "Save Sophia." When the goods that were contracted were ready the group set out for Moonhaven. 

On the road to Moonhaven, Neri and Belitan were surprised to come upon a strange man in a colorful hat, that the recognized. The group managed a short dialog with the man, discovering his name, Amos 'zun. Alas tempers grew short and as with their previous encounter the man vanished in a blink.

The journey further to Moonhaven was uneventful. A weeks worth of camping, magic practice, hunting, and nightmares led the band to the gates of Moonhaven. The guards at the front gate of Moonhaven were on high alert, questioning all whom entered the city. Belitan attempted to stroll past but was stopped by a burly guard, "What is your business in Moonhaven?" 

Reaching into his coin purse he drew out a platinium and responded, "Shopping."

The guard returned, "What about them?" 

Looking back at the two women Belitan returned, "They are who I am shopping for." 

Clearly perturb the guard let them pass. In the city Neri released Rocky from the red velvet pouch and the group found an inn for the night and Belitan began drinking. No more than an hour later Belitan was assisted to his room by Libby and Neri where he was left to sleep off his drunken stupor. Libby went to her room and Neri went back to the dining room to find Rocky. while sitting in a back corner with Rocky, Neri over heard many men talking about a 1000 gold reward. The thought of such a reward definately sparked and interest in the young half elf.

Neri left the inn to gather more information about the reward. She wandered the city until she came to a man in an intersection standing by a posted declaration from the baron of Moonhaven. She spoke shortly with the man who explained the baron was offering a reward for the rescue of his daughter Sophia. Sophia had been kidnapped by the men believed to be members of a local thieves guild. Neri left the man and went to investigate the area to the east of the city where the men and girl were last seen. Neri and Rocky searched the area and found a scrap of fabric with part of an emblem matching the description of the guild seal descibed by the baron's man at the intersection. 

Neri and Rocky returned to the inn and rested. The next morning Neri explained to the rest of the group that the baron's young daughter was kidnapped by thieves and there is a hefty reward. They agreed and ventured to the east gate. Rocky quickly led the group to an entrance of the city's sewer. 

Neri discovered a series of traps in the dank corridor that led the group to three rogue archers. Seeing the archers in the corridor the frog that rested itself on Belitan shoulder for the last few weeks leapt from the shoulder and transformed into a green serpent monster.

The group spent a few minutes dispatching the thieve sentries and examined the green monster that went out of his way to smash the archers one by one.

End of the Beginning (SESSION 4)
Spiders, Death, and Vengeance

     The party woke in the predawn hours gathered their gear and kobold and continued their search for mushrooms. Haphazardly they roamed room to room with their deadline pressing hard on their conscience. With few options left the three adventurers, one frog, and one small elemental came to what seemed to be the last room. There laid an empty room. No more passages and no more doors.

     Belitan saw little hope left with the minutes ticking by, he resigned himself to failure. With no warning Neri began stabbing a wall across from where Belitan and Libby stood. Suddenly the wall swept open revealing a darkened room filled with mushrooms. The group rushed into the room and started collecting. There lack of caution came crashing down on them from the ceiling when a giant man eating spider dropped down and attacked Neri.

     The elemental smashed the spider, while Belitan shot bolts of arcane energy and Neri loosed arrows at the spider. Unrelenting the spider repeatedly stuck out at Neri, unable to defend she fell back. Seeing the injuries Neri sustained, Belitan rushed ahead slashing with his arcane dragon claws. With a final smash from the earth elemental the spider reared back and fell dead. With the spider now dead, Neri and Belitan turn to see Libby collecting mushrooms seemingly unaware of the giant spider that only seconds ago was bearing down on them.

     Belitan approached the dead giant spider and started hacking in apart salvaging anything he deemed worthwhile. THe others collected mushrooms and all decided to trek back to Laurel as quick as possible. 

     Smoke was visible on the horizon as the group approached The Dryad and the Splinter. Coming closer to his home Belitan was horrified to see the heap of smoldering rubble. Rushing up to the remnants, Laurel laid against a broken railing sweating illness in the cool afternoon, Martha coughing and crying on what was left of the pubs front patio. Lastly Eridan laid unmoving under Martha's tears. 

     Martha explained to Belitan that three men from Moonhaven claiming to be on pilgrimage came into the pub. The men were disrespectful to Laurel and herself and Eridan tried to come to the rescue only to be stabbed in the back. Quickly the adventurers grouped together to get the gnomes back to Laruel's home. Libby and Neri helped Laurel down the road while the now named elemental Rocky assisted Martha and Belitan carried the limp lifeless body of Eridan.

     After only a few hours at her residence Laurel was able to complete the cure and begin administering it to the other citizens. Belitan, seeing the gnomes concoction was doing the trick, lifted Eridan's body up yet again, and over his shoulder told Laurel the plague had already spread to the lumber camp to the north. Laurel understood and told him she would be on her way soon. Belitan trek thru the woods to the village's cemetery and started digging. Libby and Neri followed in an unrelenting and hollowed silence. 

    Slowly evening turned to night and as the moon rose high into the night's sky Belitan finished packing the soil marking his friend's final resting place. Falling to his knees he reached into his robes and withdrew a small flask. He raised the flask, took a deep pull, and sprinkled the grave with the amber brandy while saying a prayer to Cayden Cailean.

     Belitan rose to his feet and turned his gaze to the two women, whom stood about twenty paces away, closer to the tree line. As if it were the first he noticed their presence, he approached with deliberate steps. His voice rose with a timber and emotion neither women heard from him before, "This is your fault. You wanted to be hero. If I were still here this would not have happened."

Defensively Neri try to respond professing her innocence but Belitan cut her off with, "Eridan deserves vengeance and you owe him this will you join me in this vengeance?"

Neri carefully responded, "The gnomes death was not my fault but I will join you in this."

Libby in quick succession, "I am coming too."

Belitan nodded and led the three back thru the trees to Laurel's house where they slept till the late morning.

The next afternoon the group gathered, Neri called Rocky back from the forest. They set off for a nearby hamlet on the way to Moonhaven. Only a few hours down the road Neri and Belitan came up on a familiar sight. An odd man in a colorful hat stood by an over turned cart. Belitan and Neri tried to converse with the man but with emotions high resentment leveled quickly and again the man vanished with out a trace. A day and a half later the road brought them to the town of Sanlow.

The party went about the town taking care of small transactions. Belitan took his time to meet with Bertin in his armory. A bit of haggling and the cost of some Tatzlwyrm hide, Belitan commissioned himself a light armor set from the dragon skin. He met up with the two women discussing the loot they've acquired. A few spells and a Neri stripping in an alley later the two had a good knowledge what they were holding. Belitan led the group to a nearby pub to buy a bottle of honey brandy, thanks to Neri the bottle was gifted to him.

Next stop was the apothecary. A little be rang as the group entered. A halfling behind the counter introduced himself as Guile. Looking about the shop Belitan asked the man about Potion of Cure Light Wounds. Guile flirtatiously bantered with Belitan haggling on and on. A banter that led to Belitan joining Guile in his back room while the ladies roamed the streets of Sanlow.

Flying Lizards and Silly Kobolds (SESSION 3)
In Search of Magic Mushroom

After resting for a moment in Libby's mobile keep, the group ventured on to find the needed Iron Bloom Mushroom. The group followed the road north to a large, run down monastery missing most of its roof. The three inspected the out side of the court yard and the surrounding rubble. The north most eastern wall had completely caved thru so the group used this as there ingress point. 

Entering the damp dank temple the group was attacked by two Dark Mantles. At the start of the confrontation the small earth elemental leapt from Neri's bag.  The four dispatched the serpents with swift ease and continued their search for the fungus throughout the dilapidated temple.  The group carefully explored the temple realizing quickly the monastery was dedicated to the Dwarven god Torag. Going room to room Belitan made a few failed attempt at machismo. Neri and Libby discovered a kobold hiding under a cot in a very unused bed room. Upon being found the kolbold attempted to flee but instead ran head first into a wall knocking itself unconscious. With a rope acquired from Neri, Belitan was able to secure the kobold in a hog-tie satchel of sorts. Room to room the group collected trinkets and long forgotten purses. Locating a room with a bit of roof left for cover the group decided to make camp for the remainder of the night with the deadline for a cure firm in their mind. Belitan started a fire with a chest in the corner of the room for kindling and barricaded the door with some or the rotting furniture in the room.

On the Road Again (SESSION 2)
It's Bigger on the Inside

     While resting for the night Belitan was roused from a stupor by an odd sound from nearby bushes. Fearfully he woke Neri to investigate the sound. Upon waking Neri and Belitan were set on by a mischief of giant rats. Neri's arrows flew true and Belitan's arcane energy flashed thru the grove slaying the rats. The two adventurers returned to their rest in preparation for the day ahead.


     At the next dawn Neri and Belitan made it back to the road and discovered an odd woman and a horseless carriage at a crossroad. After a short conversation Neri invited the women to join them. The woman introduced herself as the Librarian. Neri and the Librarian decided to investigate a small cottage to the north of the road. 

     Begrudgingly Belitan followed suit and entered the cottage only to see the two women in a single wide room with a well in the center. upon deeper exploration the three found a hidden door to a room filled with alchemy ingredients, magic artifact, and gaming elements.  The three were greeted by a small earth elemental. Neri began searching thru the ingredients around the room. finding a few items of interest Neri removed a satchel from a shelf awakening a large enchanted cauldron in the center of the room. The boiling contents of the cauldron sloshed as the pot attacked. After a few failed attacks Belitan used his sickle to trip the pot dumping it contents and leaving it helpless. Quickly Belitan went from pot to rock and lifted the Elemental for a closer examination. The elemental flashed into an small red velvet bag. Upset at the loss of his potential rock pet Belitan kicked the bag across the floor and went on to explore the room. Neri and the Librarian went about looting the room, taking anything of value. Belitan came across a small frog, that he swore winked at him. Belitan lifted the frog to his shoulder, where it immediately fell asleep. Belitan left the room while the women separated the rest of the treasures between themselves. Neri grabbing the red velvet bag from the floor

The three left the cottage soon after and return to the Librarians carriage. Neri decided "Libby" was a far better title, and the group consented, so, the Librarian became Libby. While this re-christening was occurring, Belitan's attention was drawn to the carriage. Under the gaze of both women he fought with dagger and spell to force his way in to the carriage to no avail. Vocalizing his desire to enter Libby respond with a flick of the wrist and the carriage door was opened reveal to Belitan the inside of a keep. After assuring himself of this reality he reached out grab Neri dragging her inside with Libby following behind. Belitan ran from room to room, while Libby explained the carriage to Neri.


The Adventure Begins, (SESSION 1)
After the Bickering Ends

The inn, The Dryad and the Splinter, was nestled at a crossroads between simplicity and extravagance. it was closest to a small village and lumber camp, surrounded by ancient forest. And just down the road was teh path to Moonhaven, the largest city in the region. 

Bellitan awoke to find a note in his bag telling him that a person needed help and would be found on the old road. Bellitan thought about how a person could have gotten into his room. (Roll 1) and assumed it could only be witchcraft, and due to that, was now paranoid for the rest of the day. 

Neri awoke to a much different letter and made her way to the tavern. She settled into a table and called out for a drink. Bellitan, behind the bar and clutching his letter, ignored that request and gave a drink instead, to the drunk that frequents this crossroads pub every morning. 

Neri called out for a drink again. To which Bellitan stated, "Waitress isn't here". 

As they started to bicker, a gnome stumbled in, clutching her side and coughing. Bellitan  recognized the gnome as Laurel, the alchemist from Falcons Reach, a small village a few miles away. Neri rushed to the gnomes side. 

Laurel explained that a sickness was spreading throughout the village. She lifter her shirt high enough to show her side. It's flesh was black and full of pustules.  Bellitan told her to leave, while Neri asked her how she could help. 

Laurel told them she knew what the disease was and knew how to make a cure. While collecting ingredients for the cure, she explained, she was attacked.  The pub at which Bellitan lived and worked was the closest point to find respit.  

Neri and Bellitan agreed to get what was needed so the sickness wouldn't spread. 

Laurel told them she need 5 lbs of Elder Wood Moss, and A fair amount of Iron Bloom fungus. 

They left the town using the "South" Road and saw an old man, with a funny hat and a broken down wagon. Bellitan asked the man if he was the one that sent him a letter, and the man in the hat said yes. Bellitan asked how the man got into his room, and the man told him he sent in his pet monkey. The man told, Bellitan, he was the one that the man was told to ask for help. Bellitan said that he didn't have time, and he was already on a quest and kept walking. The man yelled after him "fine, be that way" and everything that was there with the man, including the man himself, disappeared. Bellitan regretted not getting more information about the monkey.

They headed north east in search of the oldest tree to acquire Elder wood moss. They traveled through the Darkmoon Forest and took a shortcut through the local lumber mill were Bellitan convinced the guards  to let him in. While walking through, they heard coughing and saw a man on the ground surrounded by a group of men. Bellitan didn't stop and kept walking.

They made their way to the elder tree, Neri spotted something shimmering moving in the trees, while Bellitan found three dead bodied hanging from the lower limbs. At that moment a Tatzlwyrm attacked. They took it down, and Neri skinned it while Bellitan cooked it for dinner. From it, Neri acquired the shimmering skin and 2 poison sacks. They are laying down camp at the tree. 

Session Loot: 

XP : 2272

Body One 

Body Two  Body Three  Misc. 

37 gp, 293 sp, 654 cp
Alabaster (11 gp)
Azurite (11 gp)
Chrysoprase (55 gp)
Freshwater Pearl (8 gp)
Lapis Lazuli (12 gp)
Malachite (12 gp)
Smoky Quartz (50 gp)
Smoky Quartz (60 gp)
Tigereye (13 gp)
Total value = 232 gp
Magic Items    
Potion of Guidance (cr, 25 gp)
Potion of Stabilize (cr, 25 gp)
Total value = 50 gp

Magic Items    
Potion of Guidance (cr, 25 gp)
Potion of Stabilize (cr, 25 gp)
Total value = 50 gp

32 gp, 230 sp, 969 cp
Masterwork Items    
Masterwork Studded Leather Armor (175 gp)
Total value = 175 gp

Magic Items    
Oil of Light (cr, 25 gp)
Potion of Virtue (cr, 25 gp)
Total value = 50 gp

Coins    130 gp
Sardonyx (50 gp)
Total value = 50 gp
Mundane Items    
Thunderstones (2 stones, 30 gp each)
Total value = 60 gp

Tatzlwyrm Skin. 

Elderwood Moss. 





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